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Ellsworth and Associates, landscape architects, inc. (EALA) provides a full range of professional services in:

Visual Resource ManagementThis is a photograph of the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management manuals for managing visual resources.
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Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of visual resource management systems, including:

  • Bureau of Land Management Visual Resource Management System (VRM)
  • US Forest Service Scenery Management System (SMS)
  • Federal Highway Administration Visual Impact Assessment Procedures for Highway Projects (VIA)
  • Perceptual and biophysical visual resource analysis and management techniques
  • The design of appropriate visual resource assessment and management procedures for projects where no standard system applies

These systems are used in:This is a photograph of an Environmental Impact Statement Report done for the proposed Snake River Canyon Highway in Wyoming

  • Environmental Assessments (EA's)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS's)
  • Similar environmental analysis and management processes

Computer Visual Simulation
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EALA uses the latest computer graphics systems to provide our clients with computer visual simulations that are:

  • Highly realistic
  • Highly accurate
  • Highly credible
  • Legally defensible
  • Very affordable

There is one photograph here of the existing mine processing and administration facilities at the Barrick Mercur gold mine in Utah, and a second image of the visual simulation of that area after removal of the facilities and regrading and revegetation.Our computer visual simulations are often used for:

  • Agency and client review of design alternatives
  • Public and stakeholder review of design alternatives
  • Visual impact analysis, for example in BLM VRM contrast rating process
  • Final design presentation

Our computer visual simulations are cooperatively produced with:

  • Clients
  • Agencies
  • Users
  • Public

Training in Visual Resource Management
and Computer Visual Simulation
This is a photograph of John Ellsworth conducting a computer visual simulation training seminar for a group of landscape architects.
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EALA provides professional on-site training in visual resource management and computer visual simulation development.

Our training staff:

  • Have many years of experience as professional educators
  • Are proficient in various educational techniques
  • Understand the bottom line needs of the professionals we train

EALA staff will design specific training courses for:

  • Traditional classroom delivery
  • Internet-based or intranet-based on-line delivery
  • Interactive CD and other distance learning techniques

We offer advice on:

  • Computer systems configurations
  • Hardware and software purchasing

Landscape Architectural DesignThis is a photograph of a grading plan for a surface mine reclamation done by Ellsworth and Associates, landscape architects.
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EALA's licensed landscape architects provide complete design services in:

  • Conceptual and schematic design
  • Landform design
  • Landscape rehabilitation
  • Site planning
  • Master planning

EALA's primary design clients are in the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Surface Mining
  • Transportation
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Landfill and Sanitary Solid Waste Management
  • Natural Resources Management

Other Services
This is a picture of John Ellsworth giving expert witness testimony in a courtroom.Top of Page

EALA personnel also provide services as:

  • Expert witnesses
  • Conference speakers

Ellsworth and Associates, landscape architects, inc. has the experience, skill, and knowledge to meet all of your needs in visual resource management, computer visual simulation, training, landscape architectural design, and expert witnessing and conference presentation.

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