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This project proposed the expansion of Grand Targhee Ski Area near Jackson, Wyoming, including new ski runs and roads. Working with the Targhee National Forest landscape architect, EALA's landscape architects completed a visual simulation of these elements. The viewpoint was several miles distant, selected as the point where travelers to the ski area would first notice the changes. Therefore some of the new runs are visually obvious while others are more subtle. The visual simulation was used in public meetings to effectively communicate the proposed expansion activities.

There is one photograph here of the new existing view of the Grand Targhee Ski Area from several miles away, and a second image of the visual simulation of the proposed new ski runs and roads.

EALA's work added value to the Grand Targhee Ski Area project in the following ways...

  • Saved time and money by allowing the US Forest Service to analyze visual impacts quickly and accurately based on EALA's visual simulation
  • Increased public awareness of the project and how it would be viewed from rural areas
  • Assured the US Forest Service that the Visual Management Class established for the area would be respected
  • Assisted the ski area planners in understanding the potential visual impacts of alternative designs
  • Illustrated how the majority of ski area improvements would have little to no significant visual impact in the preferred alternative

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